One of the primary ways we control the cost of our model homes is to repeatedly use a carefully selected set of design details and materials. Every design element in a Logical Home was chosen because it meets criteria ranging from unit cost to durability to ease of assembly.

Over the past six years we've realized that most of our clients want to tinker with the design models that we display on this website. Our design process and construction experience now enables us to make modifications to our plans with minimal cost changes.

We like to make a distinction between Customization and Personalization. We offer a range of options that allow a client to personalize his/her model home. Personalization options include various types of exterior cladding, interior cabinet choices, benchtop surfaces, etc. Personalization Options are listed in the detail pages for each model home design.

If you love the spirit of the Logical Homes designs but none of the model home floorplans suit your needs we can certainly talk to you about a custom home design. Please note that custom architecture takes longer and is more expensive than buying a model home from Logical Homes. However, for some clients, this is the appropriate choice. If your budget is constrained and you are looking for predictability over cost then a model home is the best option.

The benefits and advantages offered to you in Logical Homes are universal and we've applied the best of these design principles to the model homes on this site as well as a wide range of other custom projects. Our clients typically desire to apply our basic design fundamentals to their unique building needs. If you like our approach to design but don't see a model home plan that fits your needs then maybe you need a Custom Logical Home. A Custom Logical Home project will likely cost more and take longer to complete than a model home but will be individually tailored to your needs, site, and budget.

Our design experience on a wide range of building scales and types is extensive. In addition to our Example Projects page, below are projects that are currently under development that are not single family homes. These projects embody the spirit of the Logical design mindset and as the ubiquitous shipping container becomes a more familiar building block, the more we find ourselves designing custom projects across the US. While we have spearheaded the use of containers as viable building components since 2005, it is often our clients who've creatively expanded upon or original application.

We shun the " have I been taught to live/work..." approach to design and alternatively explore the mantra of " can I live/work..." as the passage to a more relevant set of design criteria in our ever-evolving culture.   Regardless of your project type - present your creative vision and ideas to us - we want to bring them to fruition.




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