The primary reason people experience homelessness is because they cannot find housing they can afford.



578,424 homeless people in the United States
are people in families
are individuals
are "chronically homeless"
are Veterans



100 million homeless people in world
1.6 billion
living without adequate housing


The statistics above, combined with our work over the past ten years, have informed our future. Our past client base has been part and parcel to research, development and successful construction of projects utilizing cargo containers. Their bold commitment to pursuing a "how do I want to live" life instead of the "how have I lived" mindset, has paved the way for a nationwide embracing of containers as a viable building block. We are indebted to our past clients and we'll continue to serve those who commission us to bring excellent solutions to their design challenges. The container "architectural movement" continues and we're subscribing to even greater design challenges. We have an obligation to utilize our knowledge and design prowess to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible - across the globe. Our developments and design solutions with the ubiquitous container have become the vehicle by which we pursue our vision.

We're deeply rooted in the genesis of container housing/building solutions. It's now time for us, and the containers, to fulfill a larger role on the planet. Over the next month, Logical will be introducing it's most affordable line of building solutions - high design and construction quality at an affordable price point.  Please stay tuned and if you like what you're reading, join us.


Peter DeMaria AIA,

Our exclusive licensee in the Middle East is La Premier Building Contracting LLC 

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Dubai – UAE 

The Tudor era occurred between 1485 and 1558 in England.

Here are some Tudor folk of that time:



Our lives are vastly different to those who lived 500 years ago.
We use smartphones and we bathe regularly.

And yet in the 21st Century, homebuilders offer Tudor-themed homes complete with vinyl windows and remote controlled garage doors.
And people buy them. 

Contemporary Tudor homes are built using "authentic" Tudor processes; contractors stand out in the sun hammering wood together with nails - just like they did 500 years ago.








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