In order to serve you efficiently, we've organized to respond to your email inquiries within 24 hours or sooner. All emails should be directed to:

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In your email contact, please highlight the need that most closely corresponds with your project and the most well suited person will get back in touch with you.

Due to the large number of inquiries we have received we are unable to respond to unscheduled telephone calls but we will always respond to email Service Requests/Inquiries.


Types of Service Requests/Inquiries 

1. I wish to undertake a Basic Feasibility Assessment  on a lot of land.
2. I own land and wish to undertake a Specific Site Assessment.
3. I'm considering commissioning a custom Logical Home & would like to speak to someone about my project
4. I'm an Architect, Builder and/or Developer and would like to discuss hiring a consultant.
5. I am a media representative or journalist and I'm researching a story. Who can I talk to?

Hello Mr, Ms and Mrs Real Estate Developer!

Logical Homes has developed an efficient and scalable building system. If you are interested in discussing a development project here are some guidelines that might assist

  • Logical Homes is an integrated design-build company. We do not license our system to third parties nor do we design projects for other contratcors to build.
  • We receive a constant stream of inquiries from developers with this theme: "Can you please tell me all about your construction system so I can relay the information to my GC who will be building my project?". Actually the pitch is usually a bit more sophisticated: "I am planning enormous project X and I would like to work with Logical Homes to build this project. My financiers would like to understand the construction system, so if you could please tell me everything then I will relay this information to my GC who will build the project instead of you". We find these inquiries very entertaining.

We do not work for free; No conceptual drawings, no schematics, no back-of-the-napkin sketches, no speculative bids. We would be delighted and honored to work on your project if you are willing to pay for our efforts.

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