The benefits and advantages offered to you in Logical Homes are universal and we've applied the best of these design principles to the model homes on this site as well as a wide range of other custom projects. Our clients typically desire to apply our basic design fundamentals to their unique building needs. If you like our approach to design but don't see a model home plan that fits your needs then maybe you need a Custom Logical Home. A Custom Logical Home project will likely cost more and take longer to complete than a model home but will be individually tailored to your needs, site, and budget.

Our design experience on a wide range of building scales and types is extensive. In addition to our Example Projects page, below are projects that are currently under development that are not single family homes. These projects embody the spirit of the Logical design mindset and as the ubiquitous shipping container becomes a more familiar building block, the more we find ourselves designing custom projects across the US. While we have spearheaded the use of containers as viable building components since 2005, it is often our clients who've creatively expanded upon or original application.

We shun the " have I been taught to live/work..." approach to design and alternatively explore the mantra of " can I live/work..." as the passage to a more relevant set of design criteria in our ever-evolving culture.   Regardless of your project type - present your creative vision and ideas to us - we want to bring them to fruition.




Project Name:             Southern  California Railway Experience - SCRPA Headquarters, Museum, Gallery & Educational Center
Location:                    Fullerton, CA
Status:                       On the Boards

Project Description:     The Southern California Railway Experience is a Mixed Use Urban Revitalization Project centered around the historic Fullerton Train Station. Providing a museum, gallery, educational center and administrative offices, this headquarters for the SCRPA, is also home to the annual Railroad Days celebration of southern California railroad history. A family-based urban revitalization project, it’s primary aesthetic is derived from the railway iconic, ISO cargo containers which simultaneously serve as the core structural elements in the 6000 sq.ft. building. Respecting the existing Historic Monument status of the existing train station, this new addition harmoniously brings together the past and present of Southern California Railway imagery. The upcycled cargo containers provide the benefits of working with steel without contributing to any adverse environmental impact from the production of new steel. 





Project Name:             DOWD Condominiums
Location:                    Redondo Beach, CA
Status:                       On the Boards

Project Description:      A 2-unit condominium utilizing up-cycled shipping containers, reclaimed lumber, recycled denim insulation, bamboo flooring,  glass solar panel canopies, a gray water system and a long list of environmentally conscious materials and processes of construction, the project raises the bar for multifamily development projects. With an extension of the “Blue Zone” mindset, these clients don’t simply want to read about being responsible and sustainable, they want to live it.














Project Name:             Raynham Mixed-Use - Retail/LiveWork/Commercial - Metro Rail Depot
Location:                    Raynham, MA
Status:                       On the Boards

Project Description:    The rural town of Raynham, Massachusettes, southwest of Boston, is about to be transformed by a new metro rail station. Supporting the concept of improving and expanding public mass transit and removing automobiles from the road, this development is situated on a 10 acre parcel adjacent to the new station. The project vision includes, live-work space, retail, office/commercial use and an artist colony “Abstracted Container Barn” - the focal point of this sustainable development. The use of upcycled shipping containers provides an affordable, heavy gauge steel constructed project that is rooted in the imagery of the numerous Massachusettes barns that dot the landscape. The majority of our building components are fabricated off-site with reduced on-site assembly. With prefab there is very little material waste left over when compared to standard construction techniques. Among many processes designed to create these environmentally conscious buildings, is the delivery of completed pre fab modules to the construction site. Instead of the tens of thousands of individual pieces traditionally delivered and put together at a standard construction site, this pre-fabrication technique dramatically reduces the carbon footprint generated by additional labor, energy and transportation to and from the work site. 






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