"...Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.
   It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction..."

                                                                                              - Albert Einstein







                           "...we want to provide a home for every person, and family, on the planet..."

                                                                                               - Peter DeMaria, Architect




The primary reason people experience homelessness is because they cannot find housing they can afford.


578,424 homeless people in the United States
are people in families
are individuals
are "chronically homeless"
are Veterans


100 million homeless people in world
1.6 billion
living without adequate housing


The statistics above, combined with our work over the past ten years, have informed our future. Our past client base has been part and parcel to research, development and successful construction of projects utilizing cargo containers. Their bold commitment to pursuing a "how do I want to live" life instead of the "how have I lived" mindset, has paved the way for a nationwide embracing of containers as a viable building block. We are indebted to our past clients and we'll continue to serve those who commission us to bring excellent solutions to their design challenges. The container "architectural movement" continues and we're subscribing to even greater design challenges. We have an obligation to utilize our knowledge and design prowess to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible - across the globe. Our developments and design solutions with the ubiquitous container have become the vehicle by which we pursue our vision.

We're deeply rooted in the genesis of container housing/building solutions. It's now time for us, and the containers, to fulfill a larger role on the planet. Over the next month, Logical will be introducing it's most affordable line of building solutions - high design and construction quality at an affordable price point.  Please stay tuned and if you like what you're reading, join us.


Peter DeMaria AIA,


Welcome to Logical Homes

When is the last time you looked at a building and it changed the way you felt about the world? Can you remember the last time you marvelled at a piece of architecture and it moved you to action? To tears, to laughter, to awe… anything?  What about in all those glossy-paged, fancy “designer” homes catalogs. You know the type - where all the books line up perfectly on the dust-free coffee tables, and the soft lighting accentuates every sharp edge and outline just right - surely those must have made you feel something, no? You mean those pretty pictures didn’t make you feel anything? Maybe that’s why you're at this website. Maybe you, like us, know that there is something lacking from the majority of the design that has become prevalent in today’s market. In an age becoming more and more defined by the cheap, tawdry, and ephemeral, a 150 year old quote from the famous artist Paul Guaguin comes to mind, “…there is always a heavy demand for fresh mediocrity. In every generation the least cultivated taste has the largest appetite…” Wow, this phenomenon has been with us for quite some time, but fortunately, you have an alternative. So let’s conclude that the one, or possibly two reasons, you are intrigued by Logical Homes may be for the practical and ethical design principles by which it stands it for, or...it was simply a visceral attraction. If it's either case, we like you already.


Future Homeowners

We are not advocates for putting nuclear reactors in everyone’s home, or living in a tree house, but we are simply asking you to take a brief moment to ponder how the generations ahead will inherit your action and inaction. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into an Al Gore special on saving the environment. We are designers, not politicians with an agenda. We observe our surroundings closely, learn from history, unveil critical relationships and react in a manner according to what we believe is the best way to proceed. Why build a house that is going to cost more money, leave a larger carbon footprint, and not be as attractive as one that is more affordable, more practical, and much more stylistically satisfying? We couldn’t answer that question. Hence why we are in business.  There's also this other "small" design challenge/question that seems to have been around for thousands of years, yet it continuously gets swept under the carpet, put on hold or simply addressed with finger pointing and further excuses as to why the problem has arisen in the first place and then resulting in absolutely no progress or viable answers... "can you design an affordable, quality construction, housing prototype that will solve the world's homeless problem?" We've decided to do something about that question. In fact, it is our duty to provide meaningful design solutions that resolve that question. 

At Logical Homes we strive to design homes that are appropriate for the era we live in. We challenge traditional notions of what a house looks like, how it is built, what it is made of and how it performs. Our designs incorporate upcycled Shipping Containers as the primary building block and we offer a line of model homes that our clients typically tweak, modify and revise to their customized standards.   Our homes are always designed with an understanding of the materials and technologies that surround us and with a respect for the scarcity of resources our planet faces.

We believe that the options available to progressive homebuyers are limited and we have chosen to do something about it. Our homes are by no means for everyone. If you are seeking a Tudor-themed tract home then you are looking in the wrong place. However if you're looking for a well-built environmentally conscious modern home then we just might be able to help you.


Architects, Builders & Developers

If you're an Architect, Builder and/or Developer and you've already designed your container based building, perhaps we can assist you with your project as a consultant. Our design palette and technical know how of details and lessons learned can help you save valuable time and dollars. We've completed a wide range of building types utilizing upcycled containers including multi-family, commercial, live-work living units, community centers, artists studios, trade show/exhibit  displays and more. Our staff includes Architects, Licensed General Contractors and Container Fabricators who can assist you in all facets of your project. In addition, our fabricators can fulfill any size order for upcycled/modified containers for your building project. We envision ourselves as part of a "movement" in the architectural design world and we're always eager to assist fellow professionals in bringing their container based buildings to fruition.



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